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And I got to tell her how much I love her in person!

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You are 100 years old.

The fact that I am half your age is pretty strange to think about. I know since I turned 50, life feels more fleeting and I feel like I have so much more to do. Getting older is great. Different turning points in wisdom from experience, the softening of relationships, the discernment of interactions, the confidence in self and the gradual letting go of some worry or the little things, the desire to slow it all down. And yet… It seems to…

Dispelling Mental Health Stigma

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“I am your neighbor, do you love me?”

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

“I hope we can all play tomorrow. And hope has always been my drug of choice.”

James* spoke to us on the WhatsApp group chat about his lack of sleep and desire to greet his sins and be renewed. This was not a religious or spiritual group but a writing group. We connected through our shared muse of Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way” once a week. And while the group was not a spiritual group, the book was clearly spiritual as noted in…

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I prided myself on being spiritual, evolved with a deep sense of awareness. I had the confidence in my bona fide years of spiritual experiences from multiple retreats, classes, some certifications, and yet somehow I was oblivious that a friend of many years ended our friendship by continuously setting boundaries. These boundaries were like little paper cuts or like a balloon popping in my face. My surprise, shock, and then defensive, passive-aggressive anger ensued. After the wave of emotions, I always looked at myself to see what cues I might have missed during our conversations.

Setting boundaries can sometimes look…

While I never considered myself a racist, it was not until last March that I realized I needed to become an anti-racist.

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Growing up compassionate but ignorant in New England, my sheltered community and history class only provided a fraction of Black History.

The unseen biases in mainstream films, television, and the groups of minority students in high school sticking together only made me stay clear. I’ve combed through childhood experiences, and while I had a close friend from Ethiopia in 6th grade, I what he went through at a mostly white prep school.

It took a pandemic for me to see the actual stories of Black lives exploding onto the stage with a viable shake to

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As a recruiter for over 20 years, I see the cycles of workforce planning in companies. January there is usually an uptick of hiring along with reorganizations to allow the hiring.

This year differs from more layoffs and restructuring there is less job creation. I believe this will be temporary. While the companies work to survive in the new economy, like everything, it will evolve and change. There will be job creation down the line.

Knowing this, here are 3 things you need to know:

  1. Layoffs and restructuring will take place for a few months. This helps companies to weather…

Get Energized to make a Career Change!

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Networking is always the ultimate way to make any career moves whether it be to uplevel your skills, stay relevant or find a new role. Here are some ways actionable steps you can take to get there:

  1. Build your confidence — Write out your achievements you are most proud of talking about. The list can be long from the first job you’ve had to the present.
  2. Create a company target list — Identify at least 10 companies you are interested in and then research them further. …

Staying grounded when no one else is

I could feel her burning gaze without even turning my head. Cocktails were flowing freely. I could not bring myself to look at her. I didn’t feel safe. I had heard her say things in the past I didn’t agree with, and I knew it may come up again.

I had been preparing for Thanksgiving. I had been meditating every day, and I was ready to respond in a grounded way to whatever comments or actions came whizzing by. I was going to limit my alcohol intake to one glass of champagne and be compassionate and easy-going. I had been…

How do we move past the algorithm and protect our children?

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In a time of isolation, there are mixed blessings. With the pervasive sadness of our country’s polarization, deaths mounting, and missing our loved ones, there’s both change and awareness happening. The yin/yang feels off balance and more extreme as Panera’s mac and cheese makes its way to my mouth more often than I’d like.

I think about how our children are exposed to so much more than the virus. The ubiquitous algorithm solves a specific “problem” which directs us to the solutions by the computation of the computer. It…

Dream and Meditations Make Life Juicy

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I turn off the alarm and slowly wake up to recall my dream during the in-between state of consciousness. I believe these moments are both ethereal and real, providing insight or guidance to start my day. Most recently, I had a dream about walking away.

I walked away from a party where I was the host and guest of honor. Everyone was in their fancy party clothes, music was playing and the garden was lively, abuzz with chatter. When I glided outside to join them, I quickly made a u-turn right back into the house. Often a celebrity appears for…

Life Lessons for Under 50

Being on Autopilot is Detrimental to Growth

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Everybody seems to think I’m lazy
I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy
Running everywhere at such a speed
’Til they find there’s no need (there’s no need) — The Beatles

We get stuck when we are on autopilot. Autopilot is definitely helpful when we don’t have to think about how to do the simple things in life, like driving a car, getting dressed, or pouring a bowl of cereal. However, it can startle when that smooth sailing autopilot feeling is interrupted.

Being on autopilot is a way of being disconnected from ourselves by consistent distractions.

Raising a family in the suburbs is definitely a strong case…

Shelley Karpaty

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