Growth can be scary. Do it anyway.

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Planting seeds can be powerful, especially when you don’t know where it will take you. Manifesting without specific details rarely come to fruition. As a spiritual seeker, the Enneagram, an ancient personality tool, was introduced to me about 5 years ago. I was fascinated, but I didn’t know how it would change my life, if I would apply it to the dominant theme of my life, spirituality and growth.

After a long successful career in the corporate world as a recruiter, helping others find success in their careers, I pivoted on the side. Taking writing classes, finding my spiritual community (satsang), staying connected with other creatives outside the traditional world finally won me over enough to leave corporate for good. A purpose other than being a mother, wife, supportive friend, Aunt, Cousin, Niece and whatever role I had been playing. Daily meditation during the pandemic allowed for clear grounded thinking and I soon combined my knowledge in the 3 pillars of meditation, writing and the Enneagram as a path for myself. I thought perhaps it could be helpful for others. I truly believe that our ever growing purpose formulates the more we understand ourselves and our true nature. Like so many women, there are only little snippets of self care and alone time with thoughts. As my mind relaxed, the portal opened, and I created the course.

What happens when you combine meditation, journaling, and the Enneagram? Why would you combine these three in the first place?

Taking my 10 + years of being a writer, meditator, yogi, spiritual seeker and an Enneagram student brought me to combining these pillars. While discussing this with Enneagram colleagues, I found one in Amsterdam who was engaged by the prospect of the course. After many virtual meetings, I sent him daily meditations for his type 9, The Peacemaker on the Enneagram. While he was a meditator, he had never meditated that many days in a row and was not a person who kept a regular journal. It was a successful week of exploration for him; he felt inspired and connected to himself on a deep level. Thus, the course was born. You can see his testimonial for the class at the bottom of the page here.

By taking the course, you can engage in community for one week, planting seeds of self-compassion and understanding. The Enneagram teaches us to wake up from our daily routine, sometimes mundane lives. I often hear people express, “Is this all that life is? The same routine every day. Get up, make coffee, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch tv and go to bed only to do it again the next day?” More than ever, I can sense that people desire to find their purpose, their truth and feel connected when we are so disconnected even before this pandemic.

The Pilot class with 8 students was a mix of Enneagram types from a 2, 4, 7 and 8. Everyone was at varying levels of experience as meditators, writers and most new to the Enneagram.

Here is what the participants said during the week-long class:

“I’m really enjoying the meditations. Your voice is very soothing.”

“The quotes you selected for my Enneagram type were right on and when you shared the word prompts, I found I wanted to write for more than10 min.”

“The poem spoke to me about being in the emptiness in a profound way.”

“I was ready to meditate more than 10 minutes after the second day. I didn’t know about japa before and now I plan to use it in my future meditations.”

I am so grateful for the 8 souls, women and men, who committed to themselves for 20 min a day for an entire week. Coming from all different phases of my life, past and present, these humans knew deep down that committing to 20 minutes of self-care per day could be the start of something for themselves. Some may believe that the act of sitting quietly focused only on the breath is something to be revered for only the spiritual people or unattainable or incredibly difficult or simply downright scary but these students were open, curious and for that I am so grateful.

Growth is not all love and light. It’s work. It takes time, energy, trust, integrity, maturity, awareness, pain, tears, breakthroughs, joy and then the cycle starts all over again. If you keep your heart open, the “I” becomes the “we” and we can feel into the equanimity that is all of us. And that is where the practice is at the beginning over and over every single time. Finding and connecting to the inner voice with love and compassion for ourselves so we can be there for others. This is the practice.

Now is the time to discover your patterns through the Enneagram, blending it with meditation and writing which will help you become the witness to your life. It will allow you to not be in the roles that you play every day with others. It is an opening to your very heart center.

If you share these common threads with these students — curiosity, desire, and an internal knowing that this could be something good, this is the class for you. In today’s world, daily self-care may feel like a radical act, and perhaps it is AND so what? Do it anyway.

My next class is being offered beginning September 27, 2020. For more information go to:



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