Job Seekers Guide During Pandemic

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The days are blending together and it’s becoming increasingly more and more like an episode from the Twilight Zone. Whether the anxiety level is low or high, a job seeker’s plight never ends. We know unemployment is the highest it’s ever been at approximately 10 million individuals and now is the time everyone is re-evaluating.

Here are some resources to look for mostly remote or work from home jobs. These are some unique sites that can help you find new ways to make some money by doing surveys, online beta testing, virtual assistant or even transcription.

WFH But Hiring — Focused on technology talent based in San Francisco and New York this site offers remote opportunities. This site also features recruiter or hiring manager contacts so you can reach out directly! Pretty cool!

Modern Day JobsGreat site to supplement your current income or work part-time or make ends meet temporarily. This site curates a list of unique ways to make money online with full-time and part-time opportunities.

Levels.FYIThis site lists actually confirmed roles with companies hiring so you can be assured that the job is legitimate. There are both remote and on-site opportunities listed with various industries.

Upstream Community — This is a unique start-up originally planned for launch this summer it is assisting people in these specific times. It is an app specifically connecting job seekers and employers focused on Professional Group.

We Work RemotelyThis is the largest working remote work community for both job seekers and employers. This lists both technical and non-technical roles, contract, and full-time.

Still HiringAn international audience resource with jobs for both Americans and non-Americans. You can sign up for their weekly newsletter to stay informed in real-time.

Keep networking in addition to checking out these specific sites. To stay motivated, it can be helpful to schedule calls with former colleagues not to ask for jobs but to let them know you are in the market. Also, keep up on business or industry-specific trends to stay knowledgable about what is going on in the world. Zoom calls with other friends who are looking for work to share leads are also helpful. Keep a daily schedule and make sure to take breaks to walk. As always, take good self-care to keep your mind sharp and clear. You got this.

Looking for more assistance in this process? Have a Zoom interview? Need a resume update? I’m here for you, let’s talk! —



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