Righteousness and the Tea Kettle

I am an avid tea drinker, especially at night to take it down a notch. It’s a whole ritual, filling the kettle, turning the heat on high, waiting for it to boil while I set up my favorite mug and tear open the tea package to place the bag into the mug. I happen to have a tea kettle that simply doesn’t function properly but too stubborn to get a new one. I love this one, it’s red and doesn’t have a whistle. It projects hot water uncontrollably onto the counter and all over my hand frequently.

The ritual is more than an avoidance of the burning water projection, it’s about the messages I read on the teabags. Tonight, it read, “Live righteously and love everyone; you will build up around you an aura of light and love.”

Every time I get this message I want to cross out the “live righteously” part. I wholeheartedly believe in the rest. Righteousness says to me, “I’m better than you” or “I am higher than you because of how I live” or “my values are righteous so therefore I know more and you should listen to me.” Officially, it means “the quality of being morally right.” Frankly, I find it to be an ugly word. What gives someone the right to say they are more moral than others?

The word, righteous also makes me think of our history as a nation. We’ve been seen as the gluttonous, egotistical Americans and at the same time a nation where the American Dream became a reality for so many immigrants, my family included. A true ying and yang, the push and the pull. However, underlying this Dream there is a nation who has not faced it’s history on which it was born. The history of stealing the land from the indigenous people, where the immigrants of Spain, France and England took the land through multiple battles from the people over a course of 3 decades. Children as young as 5 were taken from their parents and brought to boarding school as a practice for 100 years. We don’t have to look far to see the detrimental effects this has had on Native Americans.

History has been repeating itself since this time with the slavery of Africans, with the imprisonment of 100,000 Japanese were imprisoned during World War II because of their heritage. We watched and waited for 2 years before we helped our European allies in the destruction and decimation of minorities in the Holocaust.

And now we are a nation who has a leader who has brought the worst out, the lowest of the low. A dictator who has built his campaign on “Make America Great Again” and has mocked the disabled, called Mexicans rapists and thugs, who has degraded women by priding himself on “grabbing them by the pussy.”

Really? “Make America Great Again?” Hope was restored and I thought we were turning a corner with the election of our 2 term African-American President. Health care for everyone, gay marriage rights, protection of the oceans and net neutrality to name a few successes. Now it is being ripped apart and every progress is being undone and the dark history is repeating itself and back with a vengence. I say this righteousness of evil has lived its day and must be squashed.

While all this exists, living in despair is not an option. The weight of it is there and we can only control what is in front of us. Remembering that the leaders of countries are often not representative of its people. I know there are a massive amount of good people among us and all we can do is raise our own consciousness and vibration to the positive. We have to acknowledge all the feelings and emotions that pass that will grow into strength and determine our action.

I could not sleep last night because my Mama Bear deep inside me would not allow it. I sobbed for the children being ripped from their parents wanting only to go to them and tell them they are loved. I fantasized how I could take a few of them into my home and foster them, love them, provide for them. I took action which felt right to me the only immediate way I knew how. Educating myself on the current situation, donating to the ACLU, signing petitions and writing members of Congress.

I have faith that we will all harness goodness together which is at the heart of so many. We are creating change and evolution as people and will rise together. Righteousness separates but humility and consciousness brings us together. Be the light in the darkness. Love everyone; you will build up around you an aura of light and love and it will be transmitted to those around you.



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Shelley Karpaty

Shelley Karpaty


Meditation and Musings - navigating life as a human BEing connecting the dots of the Universe.